Chalk Crew

The People Making the Movie

We are a Small Richmond Based Team

We are not a very large film crew.  Most of the heavy lifting is done by Alex, Christina, and John, but we are a passionate bunch.  This movie could not have been made without the talented and passionate people listed below.

Alexyn Scheller

Director, Editor, Writer

Christina Bailey

Director, Writer, Storyboard

John Hager

Director, Graphic Artist

Co-Creator of Chalk, Alex specialized in Directing, Editing, Building Chalk's website, and the special effects behind Chalk.  Alex has made movie's before, but not of this scale.  He recently finished a documentary called "Banff Bacon" which documents a road trip across Western Canada.  Outside of making movies, Alex enjoys comedy, photography, travel, and being an overall nerd.  Alex just finished his MBA at VCU and resides in Richmond, VA.

Co-Creator of Chalk, Christina specialized in Creative (she created the chalk character), Writing, and many of the practical effects behind Chalk.  Even though Christina doesn't act in Chalk, she is a trained actress, appearing on commercials and productions throughout the Richmond area. Christina enjoy acting, singing, playing her ukulele named "Duke", and can do a pretty damn good impression of a chicken.   Christina resides in Richmond, VA.

Previously working with Christina in Richmond's 48-Hour film festival, John brings experience and expertise to Chalk.  A veteran of the film industry, John has won numerous awards and has worked on feature length movies.  John not only has a knack for film making, but for animation as well.  John is leading the effort to bring Chalky to life by animating him over live action shots.  His skills, leadership and vision allow a film like Chalk to be made.  John currently owns his own company Hagerfilms and resides in Ashland, VA.

Porter V


Taylor Packett


Christopher F. Brooks

Camera Assistant

The main character in Chalk (Outside of the chalk itself), is Porter V.  Not even 10 years old yet, Porter has a long road ahead of him.  Porter currently lives with his parents in Richmond, VA.

A master of all things sound, Taylor was in charge of the audio for Chalk.  If you are looking for him, make sure to keep an eye out for headphones, because he knows what it takes to pick up the right sound for a film.  Tired of recording other songs?  Well Taylor also is a skilled musician and sound engineer.  Taylor currently resides in Richmond, VA.

Christopher was our jack of all trades on Chalk.  Brought in to help filming during the big school scene, Christopher oozes personality and skill that livens up the set.  During Chalk, Christopher helped with the extras and setting up scenes.  Although his work was done often behind the scenes, his presence can be felt throughout the film.  Christopher currently resides in Richmond, VA.

David Spieth


A local actor from Richmond, VA, David is one of three characters in the whole film to have a speaking role on camera.  He plays a janitor in Chalk during the big school scene.  When he's not working on Chalk, he enjoys film making himself, as he is the proud owner of Happydog Productions.  David currently resides in Richmond, VA.


Chalk is currently in production and will be released in 2016.  It is written by Christina Bailey and Alexyn Scheller. It is filmed in Richmond, Virginia.

Alexyn Scheller

815 Porter Street

Apt. 212

Richmond, VA 23224

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