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Chalk is the story of a young boy's magical chalk drawing coming to life and its journey to re-unite with its young creator as it comes to terms with a very real world.


Chalk takes a lot of work to put together.  To learn more about the process, make sure to follow us behind the scenes.

The main character might just be a little chalk drawing, but a lot of people work to make it come to life.  Learn about the crew.

We are currently finished with filming!  Although the filming is complete, the animation is ongoing.  This will take months in order to bring Chalky alive.  Stay Tuned!


Chalk is currently in production and will be released in 2016.  It is written by Christina Bailey and Alexyn Scheller. It is filmed in Richmond, Virginia.

Alexyn Scheller

815 Porter Street

Apt. 212

Richmond, VA 23224

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